Photographs by Bob Brink

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Return to Madagascar Days 1 to 9

Return to Madagascar

Tsingy de Bemaraha

We headed north from the Tsiribihina to climb the Grand Tsingy. We first did a boat ride down the Manambolo River on two pirogues that are tied together. We visited a couple of caves. We then headed off to the Grand Tsingy. As per Wikipedia, "The Tsingys are karstic plateaus in which groundwater has undercut the elevated uplands, and has gouged caverns and fissures into the limestone. Because of local conditions, the erosion is patterned vertically as well as horizontally. In several regions on western Madagascar, centering on this National Park and adjacent Nature Reserve, the superposition of vertical and horizontal erosion patterns has created dramatic "forests" of limestone needles." The park is a World Heritage Site.  Visiting the Grand Tsingy requires some climbing as well as squeezing into narrow crevasses. It was a lot of work, but the views at the top were worth the effort.