Photographs by Bob Brink

Featuring Images of Pouch Cove, Newfoundland



East Coast Trail

The East Coast Trail has over 265 kilometers of developed trail along the shores of the Avalon Peninsula. The East Coast Trail is being developed and maintained by the East Coast Trail Association. The Association is a member driven, volunteer based, registered charity formed in 1994 with the mission to develop, maintain and operate the East Coast Trail.   The ECTA operates regular group hikes along the trail. Maps are available through the Assocation.

Stiles Cove Path

Shoe Cove to Stiles Cove

May 2015

Stiles Cove Path

Pouch Cove to Shoe Cove

Biscan Cove Path

Stiles Cove Path

Shoe Cove to Stiles Cove

Stiles Cove Path

Stiles Cove to Flatrock

Cripple Cove

Silver Mine & Cobbler Path

Sugarloaf Path

Father Troy's Path

Deadman's Bay Path

Blackhead Path and

Cape Spear Path

La Manche Village Path

All images © Bob Brink